A Long, Dubious Journey Begins

Note: The following was originally posted on the old LordBlognStuff page on Saturday, May 8, 2010.  You may read the original article here.

Today, having finally procured a Memory Stick which is capable of holding more than a single gigabyte of data, I decided to take the classic PS1 title Final Fantasy VII for a spin.  I’ve never played this “classic” but I’ve certainly heard about it, and really, what gamer hasn’t?  It regularly vies with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the title of “Best Game Ever.”  I personally didn’t play Ocarina until about ten years after its 1997 release, following the logic put forward by one well-known webcomic. I do this regularly – I didn’t play the fantastic Max Payne until this year.  My experience with the Final Fantasy franchise proper (the numbered titles, not the spin-offs such as Tactics or Crystal Chronicles) is limited at best.  I’ve only played Final Fantasy III (not VI, I mean the Japanese III) and hated it.  I regularly cite it as the worst game I’ve ever played.  However, millions of people have purchased this game, and supposedly the series picked up after the third entry.  We will see, I thought.

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