Character Studies

Note: The following was originally posted on the old LordBlognStuff page on Friday, September 3, 2010.  You may read the original article here.

I’ve thought about doing a comic for a while.  It may never get off the ground because I am terrible at keeping up with things like this (see this blog,) but I decided to do some character studies because I totally suck at drawing people doing things.  Anyway I like the far-left one the best, and the one in the middle the worst but only because I think the facial expression is ridiculous.

 (click to expand)

This won’t be a martial arts comic but it’s a good way to check out the human body.  Also I could be drawing this realistically and “good art” but if I did it would take six times as long to draw a table and I would kill myself.

BONUS GAME: How many influences from other cartoonists can you spot? (hint: more than one)

He says comics now are just a bunch of Xeroxed talking heads because there’s no space to tell a decent story or to show any action. He thinks people should write to their newspapers and complain. – Calvin

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