Character 3: Rufus

Name: Rufus

Eye Colour: Brown

Fur: Brown

Age: 8

Instrument: Barks

Sign: Leo

Role: The Nose

Sundries: Born in a litter of 6.  Was neither the dominant nor the runt.  Adopted by current as-yet unnamed family at age of 8 months.  Prefers his collars to be red but has no real say in the matter.  Will not chase cars because he realizes it is a dumb idea, still dreams of one day catching one.  Proficient at sitting, laying down, heeling, shaking, fetching (slippers and newspaper, which he paws through most days but only for the pictures) and tracking.  Self-taught in three of these fields but he won’t say which.  Prefers to be scratched just above the tail.  Secretly finds cat food delicious.

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