Character 4: Allouette Gendebine

Name: Allouette Gendebine

Eye Colour: Green

Age: 12

Year: 6th Grade

Favourite animals: Spittlebug and Kiwi Bird

Sign: Aquarius

Instrument: Clarinet

Role: The Eyes

Sundries: Attends St. Hortense’s Preparatory Academy for Young Women.  Hates wearing school uniforms.  Favourite meal is spaghetti and meatballs.  Draws pictures of cows wearing hats in her notebooks.  Unusually observant, even for a young child.  Has played her instrument for six years but does not practice as often as she should.  Placed first in the school spelling bee but forgot the trophy in a classroom and never found it.  Better at snooker than a child of twelve has any right to be due to a parental-fostered interest.  Prefers all of her shoes to have buckles on them.

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