Character 2: Brian Sedgwick

Name: Brian Gerald Sedgwick

Height: 6’11’’

Accoutrements: Eyeglasses

Age: 37

Instrument: French Horn

Preferred Meal: Roast Beef

Sign: Cancer

Blood Type: AB+

Role: The Researcher

Sundries: A writer but not one that you’d have heard of.  Skillful at his craft but does not care to publish.  Greying at the temples.  Dislikes include neckties and unkempt fingernails.  Independently wealthy via inheritance.  Employed by a university.  Students unsure what he teaches as nobody seems to have any classes with him.  Keeps a collection of glass ladybugs on a windowsill in his office.  Can hear punctuation.  Dating a girl at present without backstory, whom he met at a municipal event.  Has a weakness for brandy and tweed.

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