Character 1: Apple Martingale

Name: Apple Martingale

Eye Colour: Shifting

Hair: Light Brown and worn in pigtails

Age: 19?

Favourite Colour: Flange

Instrument: Lyre

Sign: Virgo

Role: The Sun

Sundries: Lives in a commune-farm with her sixteen brothers and sisters who are not important enough to be named here.  Is a vegan.  Was homeschooled by her mother and father in the important topics, like how much moonbeams weigh, the proper mapping of ley-lines and how to step lightly upon the Earth.  Does not use contractions.  Likes to name inanimate objects.  Assumes that everybody is her friend.  Has a surprisingly expansive vocabulary.  Does not wear shoes unless absolutely necessary and sometimes even not then.  Unfailingly cheery to the point where it can be tiresome. Refers to the Earth as a “spaceship”.  Has a pet baby piglet named Spectropolis.  Cheerfully oblivious to reality.

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