Allfather Games Lending Library

Video games are expensive, and many games are not easily accessible at reasonable prices. This presents a steep financial hardship for many who wish to experience these works of art, especially students and others who lack a stable income. Furthermore, thousands of games are unavailable digitally, further restricting their accessibility.

To that end, we are happy to provide students at the University of Pittsburgh access to a private library of games that may be borrowed free of cost.

A full list of games in the library’s collection may be found here. To request a game, please complete this Google Form.

All games are lent for a period of two weeks, and may be renewed once for a subsequent two-week period. All games are expected to be returned promptly. Failure to return a game on time may result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Some items in the library are not available for take-home borrowing but may be accessed via appointment. We will reach out to make arrangements should you request one of these games. This usually covers especially rare or valuable games.

Use of the library is subject to agreement to the usage agreement.

The library reserves the right to reach out to any borrower for more information about their request in order to both meet the needs of the borrower and preserve the integrity of the collection.

The library does not lend game consoles or hardware at this time. The library does maintain a collection of game consoles and hardware which a borrower may schedule in-person use time on. If you wish to schedule usage of a console or hardware, please indicate the specifics on the request form.

Please note that the Allfather Games Lending Library lends physical media only. Students who are interested in digital games should avail themselves of the services of the Vibrant Media Lab.

The Allfather Games Lending Library is not operated by or affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and is provided as a service by Allfather Productions.

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