Games Lending Library Usage Agreement

By borrowing a game from the Games Lending Library, you agree to abide by the following usage agreement.

  1. Access to and use of the Games Lending Library is restricted to students and faculty of the University of Pittsburgh.
  2. All lending requests must be made through the Games Lending Library website.
  3. Games may be picked up in the office of Professor Bortnick, Cathedral of Learning 628E. Please make returns either to CoL628E if it is open or to the English Department Office otherwise.
  4. All games are loaned for a period of exactly two weeks and may be renewed once for a subsequent two-week period. Your loan period begins when you pick up your game.
  5. The library reserves the right to reach out to any borrower for more information about their request in order to both meet the needs of the borrower and preserve the integrity of the collection.
  6. The library reserves the right to deny any lending request for any reason without explanation.
  7. The Games Lending Library does not endorse the content of any game in the library. These are works of art and may contain material that is questionable, upsetting, problematic or otherwise objectionable.
  8. All games are expected to be returned in the exact condition they were loaned in. Damage to or loss of library property will result in the borrower becoming financially responsible for an exact replacement of the damaged or lost material.
  9. The library is a free service and may discontinue its services at any time without warning.

The Allfather Games Lending Library is not operated by or affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and is provided as a service by Allfather Productions.

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