Tidying Your Computer With Carrie Mondo


Tidying Your Computer With Carrie Mondo is a comedy game that riffs on the popular Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. This gag game scans the user’s computer, selects a random file, and asks the user if that file sparks joy. If the user answers in the negative, the game deletes that file. It is very easy to ruin your computer with this game.

Tidying exists in the tradition of games such as Zach Gage’s Lose/Lose, which similarly removes files from a user’s computer, though in this game the process is ostensibly consensual. Realistically, this is a game that nobody is going to (or should) actually play, but the goal is to make users think about their relationship with digital files in a similar fashion to their physical goods – when storage space (as on a computer) is seemingly infinite and acquisition of new clutter has nearly no impact, what does it mean to acquire? Or, for those who do run up against hard drive limits, how do we choose what files matter to us?

On this title, I designed the original concept and gameplay and managed the production from initial pitch to ship.


Producer, Designer, Writer


Allfather Productions

Release Date:

February 19, 2019



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