Descend is an ongoing-development fictional/biographical narrative developed in Twine. It is not intended for commercial release, and remains in somewhat-active development. Descend was first created in October, 2016.

Those who know me personally might recognize some elements of Descend from my own life. Other aspects are partially or entirely fictional. Descend is not meant to be especially innovative, nor is it my strongest creative work. It only serves as a perpetual alternative record of my own memories, experiences, and creative thoughts about my life. As a result it is likely of little interest to most people, but may be of particular fascination for friends who have known me for many years. It is thus very much a personal game, and its relatively short length belies the thought that went into choosing each moment.

As a result of its perpetual development, Descent is by its nature incomplete. There is no ending or way to win as of yet. I have been considering adding some form of resolution but have not yet landed upon a proper implementation.

Descend can be played here. The most recent update was in April 2021.

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