A Very Serious Post About Politics

I am seriously fed up with the government. All I hear from everybody is that everything is going wrong, and that the rich are in control whilst the poor suffer. Our Glorious Leader promises that change is coming/has come, but I’m still only living comfortably in my middle/upper class home with plenty of food and heat and internet. Where’s my jacuzzi? I don’t see things improving for me, and really, that’s the only realistic measurable way for me to determine how things are for everybody else. I don’t watch TV, and I don’t read the newspaper, because this way I can safely claim that my views are not being represented by the elected officials I refused to vote for as a way of protesting that politicians fail to represent my views. And speaking of protests, because things are bad, and we can’t trust the government to fix them, we need to fix things ourselves. The best method for doing so is by gathering thousands of people in locations across the country. We can’t have anybody leading these people or giving them direction, because that would too closely resemble the corporate pigdogs in charge right now. We just need to get the bodies in one place, and everything will fix itself. This is pretty much a proven fact.

Don’t get me started on The War. We’ve been fighting The Enemy for so long that it’s not even a thing people care about anymore. Or maybe The War is over and we’re fighting The Other War now? I can’t even tell. Somebody at the pub mentioned some soldiers coming home, so maybe we won. Or maybe we lost, and the terrorists are in charge of Uzbekibekibekistan now? We really should just nuke everything over in that Sand Land. That’ll teach them to mess with Good Ol’ Know-How, Gumption and Exceptionalism.

We haven’t even moved off of the tip of the iceberg, either.  For every good thing that gets done by this establishment, like the continued confinement of known, proven terrorists in offshore locations (because we know what they’ve done, and we’re giving them what they deserve), something ten thousand times worse tips the scale in the opposite direction.  What we really need is to tax everybody exactly the same, so that the poor who don’t even contribute to society can stop leeching off of it.  If they don’t want to starve, they ought to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a job!  Maybe if all the poor people living off of welfare actually buck up and stop growing fat on the rest of our toil, it’d drive out all those rotten immigrants who are eating up jobs that real hardworking citizens could use.  Of course, if the government had bothered to actually make more jobs by making the working conditions in this country actually tolerable, maybe we wouldn’t have unemployment problems at all!  I’d suggest that the government make it illegal to outsource positions, but I wouldn’t want to get in the way of Capitalism.  That’d be even worse than anything else that’s been done to this point.

Are you as angry about these issues as I? If so, post a comment on this webzone, and let me hear your voice. Fight the power!

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