Character 7: Horace Templeton

Name: Horace Fernsworth Templeton

Age: 72

Moustache: Bristly

Overcoat: Tweed

Instrument: Bagpipes

Demeanor: Fussy

Sign: Taurus

Role: The Keykeeper

Born the eldest of a family of nine.  Was a smart boy who was drafted for the war at eighteen.  Came home a decorated hero after saving his wounded commanding officer while under heavy fire. Completed higher education at the prestigious Geraldswarf University, graduating at the top of his class.  Did postgraduate work in linguistics and Byzantine history.  Taught university students for two decades.  Entered semi-retirement by taking a position as headmaster of Aberforth’s Preparatory Academy for Young Boys, the brother school to St. Hortense’s.  Absolutely despises bananas.

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